A new month.  A new beginning.  As August 2010 unfolds, it offers a new slate of hope and opportunity.  Oh, some of that opportunity will surely be concealed.  That is the way of God.  He often uses plights as the impetus to draw us closer to Him.  Nevertheless, there is opportunity disguised in problems and pain.  The key is to be vulnerable and surrendered to become closer to the Lord in the times of challenge or sorrow.

Jesus’ life was one of surrender to the Father’s will.  Although Jesus walked this earth as the Son of God, He lived human experiences and suffered human pains.  Jesus knows what it is to hurt and to yield; to empty Himself.   Whatever you face this week, the face of Jesus goes before you to meet the moments and the days.  Trust that.  Acknowledge that The Son’s example to surrender to God’s will is the same example we are given to follow.  When our relationship with God through Christ remains kindled by reliance and trust, then august God keeps warm a hope that pain and circumstances cannot cool.

Jesus, You have shown us how to live by the way You did—staying close to the Father.  Lord, bless Thy saints who hurt and are in need of healing with a touch from You.  Awaken hope so that each may live certain they take every step with Thee.  Amen.