Job.  To think of his name is to think suffering.  Job’s life is an illustration of a man’s faith tried and tested because of multiple losses.  Even though the Lord God gave Satan permission to sift Job as wheat, Job came forth faithful to the God who had given him everything.   Therefore, it is no wonder that Job stands out as a unique figure and a model when we suffer in this age.

Job’s greatness was in his ability to hold on.  Yes, he was weak in every way; he experienced deep pain due to loss of health, loneliness, and grief.  But the one thing Satan was unable to take was Job’s ability to hold on to God.  Job is a reminder that we give up our faith or we hold to it—even if it is by a thread.  When grief and pain are penetrating, remember a thin thread of faith is sufficient to keep one connected to the invisible and  unbreakable bond with God.

Lord, sometimes we suffer pains so deep it seems impossible to go on.  Because of you, going on is possible.  By the might of Thy Holy Spirit, stir in us ample faith for the moment, and bring steady reminders that YOU are holding on to us.  In the clear Name of Jesus, Amen.