Grief asks questions.   How could this happen?  Why me?  Why?  Who am I now?  How can I carry on?  The heart and mind seek answers but the unpredictability of grief is such that those answers are often long in coming and come during and after an emotional season of adjusting to a significant loss.

Every answer in life comes up to Jesus.  Whatever the questions, He is the answer.  He is there with you to guide you through the painful questions and be your support as answers come.  The Holy Spirit has a way of offering what we are to know and when we are ready to know it.  When grief asks its questions, be assured that Jesus is the answer.  Because of Him you are never alone as you seek answers and discover them.  In the process, He will furnish you will renewed strength and hope.   Trust Him.

Lord Jesus, our limited view is no match for Your perfect eyes.  Be our vision through grief’s stay.  Keep us mindful that every painful question we ask is one You long to answer with the love and presence of Yourself.  In Thy Name, Amen.