One may not think of grief as an achievement.  A spiritual achievement, that is.  Yet, grief has all the makings for spiritual growth.  Grief’s ways are painful and arduous and seemingly unending.  But the sorrows we bear hold wisdom and purpose; revelations that shall only come in God’s timing.

 The God of all comfort and purpose sees the struggles we face.  He is with us in them.  As sons and daughters of God, His earthly and eternal purpose for us is to make us more like Jesus.  Sorrow is part of the process.  Sorrow is part of what grows us spiritually.  Through it all, He promised to be with us.  When it hurts, and when you cannot FEEL God, trust that He is still with you.  For He is.

Father of Life, Your promises are real.  Your proof of love is in Jesus.  By the might of Thy Holy Spirit, tenderize hearts this week to know that You are in the midst of any and every tear shed and in every step we take.  All this is asked in Jesus and for His sake, Amen.