Citizenship for a Christian is not in this life.  It is above.  Yet the here and now does and shall present challenges that seem permanent.  They are not.  Everything changes in life—everything.  Only God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and The Word of God never change.  The pains and transitions that we experience in this realm as a Christian spirit have a connection to another time and place, all because of a relationship with Jesus. 

Whatever ails, presses, and disturbs one of Christ’s own, is a malady that He shares and suffers as well.  Because one belongs to Jesus, He will walk with and sustain the steps that must be taken even though they are heavy and seemingly endless.  Seasons will pass.  Carry on with the certainly that Jesus accompanies you.  He is there.  He promised He would be.  You are His and He is yours, for this lifetime and for the one that awaits you as one of Heaven’s dear citizens.

Jesus of Companionship, there are times when life gets so difficult that it seems too hard to manage, and it seems as though things will not improve.  Jesus, help those who feel strained by  life’s pain.  You are there to lean on and Your arm does relieve pressure and leads to a better tomorrow.  In Thee, Lord Jesus, Amen.