Believing in someone or something that has let you down is a disappointment that can confuse and challenge one in a state of grief.  Specifically, when someone dies as a result of drug or alcohol addiction or suicide, grief is often exacerbated by shame, guilt and anger.  One may think such a death was preventable.  If only is a notion that can puzzle and haunt individuals in a season of grief.  That open thought stays in the air.  Blessedly, such thoughts are mingled with the Spirit of God.

 The Lord’s presence changes all circumstances to make them His opportunities to reveal His love and faithfulness.  It may not feel or seem like love is present when the angst of a tragic death bears down.  But love is present.  Christ is present.  Sorrows in life are the underside of love but still very much a part of love’s fabric.  Often it is the more complex and deeply moving experiences known out of love that act to strengthen love and faith, and create courage necessary to forgive, heal, and keep on loving.

Lord of love, You know that separation from those a loved one is indeed one of the most challenging experiences we can know in life.   Lord, when You went to the cross to die for all sin, Your separation from the Father was an acute emotional pain.  You know what it is to grieve and long.  Jesus, be with those who grieve and long now.  Touch them so they know Your peace.  May resurrection hope revive and sustain those who hurt.  Thank You, Jesus, for Thy loving care.  Amen.