Gratitude in a time of grief.  How could this be possible? When loss comes and empty days are faced with confusion, despondency, tears, anger, and silence, giving thanks is a foreign act.   However, painful as it is go live through a season of sorrow, this is an opportunity for God to reveal His faithfulness to us, and for us to show our loyalty to Him.

There are times in life that are so emotionally challenging that a spirit just wants out.  But there is more growth and conformity to Christ’s character in times of challenge than there is in times without distress.  Grief does offer gratitude when meaningful memories flow, and insights about relationships come to the surface; a rise that might not have been were it not for the pain of separation and goodbye.

Trust the companionship of the Lord Jesus to bring you to a place with Him so that you can know grateful—even in this season of life.  The first and foremost reason for gratitude is the Love by your side in this season: Jesus Himself.

Lord Jesus, Your presence is reason to be grateful.  It assures us that we are not alone in our times of disappointment, sorrow, and challenge.  This Thanksgiving, may hearts make room for You, no matter what other emotions are also seated in the heart.  Thank You, Lord Christ, for Thy presence and loving care.  In Thee, Amen.