As Advent begins and preparations for Christmas are underway, the arrival of Christmas can be more challenging for those who suffer with grief.  If you are someone who has experienced a loss due to death, a job ending, a divorce, estrangement in a relationship, then the joy and jubilance of the season can be quite emotional and even an unwanted celebration.  Jesus knows that.

This King of kings we herald, Jesus the Christ, is worthy of all honor, praise, and celebration.  Part of the reason to rejoice over His birth and coming is that He came to prove to you and to me that He would never leave us.  He never has.  Faith is oh so easy when times are easy and life does not distress.  But when circumstances are such that faith ebbs and joy is gone, this Saviour of all time and place, carries us by the might of His Spirit through times that we would not—could not—survive without Him.  That may be one such time for you this Christmas or for someone you know.  Trust that the Lord Jesus is with you now.  Even in your weakness, open your heart to the broad power that is His and can see you through this Christmastide.

Lord Jesus, contemplating Your birth is indeed joyous.  Yet, You know that there are many who weep and wonder this season as to how they will endure these weeks.  Lord, You are the answer.  May each one in need receive Your touch of assurance and brace themselves on the arm of Your love to walk them through this Advent Season.  In Thee, Amen.