Anticipation can be good or unwanted.  If we desire to see someone special, look forward to an event or hope for something wonderful to be on the horizon, anticipation is exciting and generates enthusiasm.  Conversely, when life hurts and disappointments come, when loved ones die, and when we experience betrayal, upcoming events and occasions are often met with dread or indifference.  When hopeful expectation is not present in us, the future can seem grim.  However, the arrival of Christ changes that.

This Advent Season is filled with hope—not because of our hope.  Because of His hope—for us.  Jesus, the Baby of Bethlehem, came to a lost and dying world to bring hope and new life.  It is there for the taking although some will pass it by, and even reject the hope Jesus brings because of life’s hurts.  Jesus knows it hurts.  Still, He offers to you and to me Himself so we may draw on His hope to see us through.  As we anticipate His birth, He anticipates our receipt of His hope.  This is why He came. 

Lord Jesus, You came into the world full of promise and an endless well of love and hope for all to draw on.  Thank You, Jesus, for all You have made and still make available to Your believers.  Thank You, Jesus, for Your touch of hope on those too weak to reach out but still needful of all You offer.  In Thee, Lord Christ, Amen.