Christmas conjures different emotions in people. Because our life stories are unique, emotions show up for each of us in different ways; sometimes in ways we do not expect. If we grieve someone or something, grief is certain to complicate emotions at Christmas.  However, the very hope that Jesus brought so long ago is the same hope He still gives to you and to me today. 

Immanuel means God with us.  Jesus came to the world so that God would be with us.  He knew we would need Him so.  The birth of Jesus we celebrate at Christmas is far more than pageantry.  It is life giving and life-sustaining power.  God sent His Son to the world for assurance, companionship, and to demonstrate how very much He loves you and me.

When life is less than what you want it to be, the Lord Jesus is the more to fills you.  Hold to Him and His love and hope.  He is holding on to you.  He will not let you go.  He promised.  Know that.  Hold to that promise.  Tomorrow belongs to Him and you belong to Him.  Together you and the Lord Jesus will live tomorrow together in His abiding love and His upholding strength.

Loving Jesus, we celebrate Your birth and look to You with love knowing Your eyes of love remain fixed on us.  As we look on You with adoration, You look on us with deep affection.  Because of Your gaze of hope and love on us, we go on in Thee.  Amen.