New year.  New hope. As we look to a fresh canvas of days, we are given the opportunity to again—to still—look to the Star, Jesus, for hope.  The new year will be filled with new opportunities and revelations.  They will come.  Be alert.  Even if your life right now is transitional, challenging or uncertain, the Christ of hope and purpose can guide you.  Trust His hand of love to usher you along. 

Whatever this year has been or has not been by your estimation, if Christ is in your heart, He has already redeemed the year for full worth in Himself.  Of all that Jesus is a part, He imbues it with meaning.  All He has ever done points to His love; a love  active and purposeful. 

Go forth, dear one, in the presence of Jesus.  He shall be at your side every step of His coming year.  Keep following the Star.

Lord Jesus, You remain faithful to Your people.  How we praise and adore You for the Saviour You are.  How dear You are to us.  How dear we are to You  as hold us in Your ever present love.  In Thee, Lord Christ, Amen.