Stories.  We like to tell them.  We like to hear them.  Each one of us is living out our personal story—one day at a time.  Certain aspects of our stories are painful; others are joyous.  What is clear is that while everyone creates his or her story as they go along, we see in the lives of each other the sorrows and smiles that are universal.

No one is exempt from sorrow.  It comes.  But the Christ of Heaven came.   Because He did, no sorrow or transition you and I face is faced alone.  Believers in Jesus have His presence to accompany them.  Whether steps are sad or celebratory, Jesus will be in them.  Therefore, keep living the personal story that only you can live, and tell.  God created only one you; the you He loves so deeply.   

Lord, You give us life.  Life in You, and a portion of time in which to live and create our todays and tomorrows.  Sometimes our days bring joy; others times they bring tears.  But we trust Your promise to be with us always.  Thank You for being the hero of our stories, and for creating meaning out of them.  In Thee, Lord Jesus, Amen.