As I write, the view I see is of a pristine snowfall that rests over the landscape.  It is a blanket of white, unmarred by footprints, and undisturbed by activity of any kind.  Pure.  The clean cloak with the rays of dawn’s light glistening on the land encourages hope.  Fresh beginnings are at hand.

Jesus brings hope.  He is the endless hope always available to you and to me.  Fresh beginnings often look fresh and pure but do not stay that way.  Circumstances change.  We change.  As a result, hope is trampled and it may appear as though another clear and good beginning will not come to be.  It will.  You can start again with Jesus.   Jesus loves you deeply.  Dearly.  He loves you as you are, and as no one else can.  Take His hand.  He is extending it to you.  Walk out into the beauty of a brand new hope.  He will stay with you, and together you can build a today of meaning and a future of purpose.

Lord Jesus, You remain the faithful hope of those who believe in You and call on You.  Lord, be with those who read this message and need to be reminded that Your hope is real and steady.  May each know that in human weakness, You are the strength.  In Thee, Lord Christ, Amen.