Hope shows itself in different ways.  A verse in the Word of God, a smile from a stranger, a note from a friend—these kindle hope.  The Holy Spirit moves in various ways to help hope be realized as an active agent inside of God’s children.

When sad times come, hope seems far away.  The Holy Spirit stays close to keep hope warm in us even if we cannot feel or see anything positive right now.  Grief veils hope.  Jesus knows this.  That is why He sent the Holy Spirit to be with us as Comforter and Counselor. Even if you cannot look at the future with a promising eye, the Holy Spirit does.  Trust by faith that He is alive inside of you.  He will help you to look to a better tomorrow, and walk with you to it. 

Lord Jesus, You know how difficult life is when we suffer a sad season.  When these times come, everything hurts.  Lord, You promised not to leave us comfortless.  Thank You, Jesus, for the ministering presence of the Holy Spirit.  Holy Spirit , touch this dear reader now with Your warm and powerful hope.  Thank You, Holy Spirit, for remaining with us through the night seasons of our lives.  In the Name of Jesus, Amen.