Saying goodbye is work.  It may not seem as though it is laborious but it takes emotional energy, tears, and a flood of memories to toil through.  When someone special leaves this world and our lives, it takes tremendous effort to adjust to that absence.  Prayer, God’s Word, and the might of the Holy Spirit’s presence are steady helpers in that phase of adjustment.

The Lord Jesus knows the pain of grief and how riveting it can be.  He stays in the lonely hours and in the hollow days to make a difference in our ability to carry on.  We still may not feel as though we are stronger; we are not.  But the strength of Jesus and His abiding love carries us through.  Count on His presence with you.

Lord Jesus, You said You would be with us always.  Thank You, loving Lord, for staying with those who must do the hard work of goodbye and remembrance.  May the comfort of You and the hope of a reunion ahead be of support and encouragement to those who grieve.  In Thee, Amen.