The Star that is Jesus that a believer follows means walking in step with His heart for you.  Think of that.  Jesus is with you walking the path of your life with you.  On a momentary basis, Jesus is beside you to speak, listen, care, and love.  Oh, how He loves.  His love for you is second to none.  Think about that.  It is a thought to stop you in your steps and take your breath away.

In a culture of speed and instant answers, walking with Jesus is counter-cultural.  To go along with Jesus is to live in faith.  Whether your life is currently stable or if you are in a season of trial, to continue to walk with Him is to take steps of faith and trust in Him.  The Wise Men kept walking toward the Star and eventually arrived to bring their gifts.  The wisdom they possessed told them that what they had to offer was small compared to the gift of Himself that Jesus had already given to them by virtue of His presence.  The gift of His presence is still ours today.  Receive it.  It is yours.

Lord Jesus, Your love for each one of Your own is immeasurable.  You walk with each one in love.  Jesus, Thank You for your faithful steps.  May we continue to follow You and Your ways.  May we be open to receive Your incomparable gift of love.  Amen.