To right a wrong after someone has died can make a spirit churn and a body weak form guilt and remorse.  To seek forgiveness from someone who is no longer there to ask for it is to live with regret.  Jesus can change that.  He does not want anyone to live with regrets that deplete energy and slay joy.  Instead, He wants a person to come to Him for the forgiveness they need.  He is available at any time or place to dispense that forgiveness.  This is what Jesus does—forgives.

There are times in life when betrayals, wrongs, and offenses are committed against us or by us.  They long to be soothed and righted.  Jesus is accessible at any time to heal.  What happened cannot be changed.  It may not be possible to speak to the person with whom the problem occurred.  However, Jesus is the Person you can go to now to tell about the problem and seek resolution.  He is waiting to hear from you.  His heart will not reject you.  His love for you is too great to turn you away.  Go to Him.  Jesus loves you.

Lord Jesus, sometimes circumstances are such that people are unable to go to individuals directly to relieve their minds and spirits.  You, Lord Christ, are the One who forgives.  Thank You, Lord, for Your constant availability to anyone who needs to release his or her burdens.  Thank You for the gift of prayer and time with You that heals and restores.  In Thee, Amen.