Hope is not something to take lightly.  This soft word produces hard results.  If one possesses hope, a myriad of wrongful and destructive outcomes are kept at bay.  Without the presence of hope, there is nothing to hold back choices self-destructive or destructive to others.  Without hope, there is no vision for the future.

Suicidal deaths are the result of the absence of hope.  Addictions, depression, and various other realities bar hope.  An ending is committed that is a harrowing beginning in grief’s torment.  Jesus is the hope that breathes beyond human limits and beyond challenging endings.  The hope of Christ breathes into weak faith.  May you remember that Jesus is the hope that upholds believers and sustains them throughout all of life’s valleys.  Jesus is the also the One to comfort when hurts and losses are deep and numbing.  Jesus is with you—right now.

Jesus, Your hope sustains.  Thank You for Thy upholding Spirit, and righteous foundation.  Those who ache in grief have You to carry them with Your powerful.  Your love is everything.  In Thee, Lord Christ, Amen.