Clouds captivate.  Soft billowing clouds, those with dramatic contours, and those that children identify as shapes of animals, all clouds get our attention.  Eyes are drawn up and beyond.  When we look up at God’s sky and His cloud formations, we see His creative Hand.

We are wise to let God’s beauty draw us away to capture our attention and imagination.  When we meditate on God’s creative expression, we can come to see the  potential God has placed in each of us.  Even when challenges arise in our lives and we experience seasons odd and unwanted, the Lord can use them to create something magnificent.  The drama of the thunderstorm still gives a gift, and after it is gone—the rainbow.

Lord of Life, Thank You for the marvelous way that You create beauty for Your children to enjoy and by which to be inspired.  Lord, give each of Your people wisdom to look carefully for the blessing in every cloud.   In Jesus, Amen.