To enter into Holy Week and look for encouragement is to look at the Cross of Jesus Christ.  How can that place of tragedy be encouraging?  He intended it to be.  He was looking beyond that act of love to a joy that was ahead.  This is why He endured.  Love brought Jesus to the Cross.  Love for God, love for you, love for me.  Love kept Him on the Cross, to shed His blood for your sins and mine.  Only Christ’s pure blood and righteousness can cleanse sins and make us whiter than snow.

Be encouraged.  Even as you live through the solemnity of Holy Week, be encouraged by the love that fills these days, and the outcome that proves joy comes in the morning.  Before we celebrate Resurrection victory next week, we remember the Christ who died so we might live.  The gift of encouragement for this week is remembrance of an act of love Jesus submitted to ages ago.  His love and this act of submission remain our love gift forevermore.

Lord Jesus, to look at the Cross is to look at Your heart of love.  Thank You seems trite in view of all of You have done.  Yet, with loving adoration and warm thanksgiving, praise is Yours.  You are the hope and reason why anyone can carry on.  In Thee, Amen.