An open view.  There is nothing quite like it.  A picturesque meadow, a vista of the seashore, a mountain range on a winter morning.  Certain sights can captivate the spirit and overwhelm human capacities.  Certain views are just too great to describe.  The open tomb—the empty tomb—is a view too great to describe.  This is why it remains THE VIEW that inspires, compels, and encourages.

The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the act of all time and place.  It ended in an empty tomb that representated a whole new beginning for people.  It is the historic and inimitable sacrificial act of love that revealed to the world the lengths to which God and Christ would go to bring people into right standing with God.  If you have trusted Christ as your Lord and Saviour, to God be the Glory.  If you have not, may the light of Easter dawn on you as never before.  May the Holy Spirit touch you so that you may receive Christ’s ultimate gift of encouragement.  May you look out into your future with a promising open view.

Lord Jesus, You have done everything to prove Your love.  Gratitude for Your gift has no words.  Humility speaks thanksgiving.  To be loved by You is all.  Amen.