I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.    Philippians 1:3

Remembering.  We do it all the time.  People make our lives what they are.  The memories that drift in and out of our minds—often unbidden—signify our connection to people with whom we have made our lives.  These are persons with who we have charted personal journeys to gather the mementos of the heart.

Most of our remembering occurs with those with whom we have special bonds.  With some people we share many years; with others, far less than we thought.   Still a bond exists.  Remembering also happens with regard to individuals who disappointed or disappeared.  Sorrowful memories visit hearts as well.  

God is generous in the broad allowance He grants for people to create memories each moment of the day.  The Holy Spirit breathes life into what appears common.  Many a routine activity becomes cherished.  Individuals who carry on in the face of grief do long for those routine days.  God’s love for you and for me is revealed in His abundant grace that leads us to memory making and memory keeping in our lives, in what is seemingly mundane and never-ending.

Jesus is at the core of our remembrances; the reason why we remain connected to what has been.  Colossians 1:17 assures us that He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.  Such confidence this brings.  Such comfort.  This is a steady reminder of the power of Jesus and His understanding of the human heart.  Because Jesus holds all things together, we can be certain that there is something of worth and purpose in what has been in our lives—even if circumstances and emotions would indicate otherwise.

Jesus Christ is the Great Redeemer.  Of souls.  Of spirits.  Of reasons.  Jesus declares life, forgiveness, and hope—for everyone and everything.  He gave His life on the Cross at Calvary so that anyone who believes in Him could believe in their lives too—no matter what.  The power of Jesus’ love is beyond human comprehension but never beyond human need.  Whatever has been or is now being encountered that challenges, Jesus will overcomes.  Man cannot.  Jesus can.  A belief in Him and His power make certain that He will arrange matters in a heart such that grief will not overtake, and regret will not overshadow a hope still vibrant in every tomorrow in which He is made center.

We thank God for every remembrance of people, places, strides, victories, joys, and even the challenges, that make us who we are.  We thank God for hope and time to share and create new memories.  Most of all, we thank God for Jesus, who grants resurrection hope to hearts that struggle with the questions of why and how.  Jesus, He is the One with the power to give new meaning, hope, and direction to our lives. 

God shall continue to cover all with His love.

Lord, You have granted the fabric of memories that shape and embellish our lives.  You assuage the sorrows with Your heart of love and comfort.  Thank You, Lord, for what You out of Your love for Your people that make remembrances treasured, redemptive, and meaningful  in Thee.  In Christ forevermore,  Amen.