Those days of unexpected remembrances in our lives can be gifts and can be burdens.  This week begins with a celebration of Mother’s Day.  For some, it will be a day a jubilation and sharing.  For others, it will be a day of sadness, regret, and estrangement.  Whatever kind of a day it is for you, Jesus is there.

Jesus is with His people every step of the way.  A belief in Jesus means a life with Jesus.  Togetherness—forever.  Eternally.  When memories are made, Jesus stays.  He joins in that which is joyous and He joins in that which is sad.  However you spend this particular Sunday and the coming week, know this—as a believer in Jesus Christ you are certain to spend it with Him.  He would have it no other way.  He loves you so.

Lord Jesus, may Your heart be blessed as You make Yourself present to others who need and want Your companionship.  You bless more than words can say.  Thank You, Jesus, for staying close.  In Thee, Amen.