Purpose.  Each one of us has purpose, in everything we do.  Purposes can be positive or negative, full of progress or destructive.  If life is lived in Christ, then the purpose in choices is to be conformed more into the image of the Saviour. 

Grief has purpose.  It is a means to conform.  Grief by its very nature forces one into a heightened emotional state.  That state of being sensitizes us to the pains of loss and suffering; suffering that does help us to better understand Jesus’ heart.  Because grief is a part of life, and all life in Christ has purpose, grief serves a purpose for you and for me.  Unwanted as a season grief is, given time, it has the potential to reveal a side of Jesus we have not known before, and concurrently produce in you and in me more of a likeness to Himself.

Lord Jesus, You know how deeply grief can hurt.  Thank You, Lord, for staying with us every moment of our sorrows.  Thank You, Jesus, for letting us see Your heart through our tears; tears You know so well.  In Thee, Amen.