It has been said that suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem.  Anyone who has known the loss of someone due to suicidal death knows how arduous such grief is.  Moreover, anyone who has considered this “answer” to life’s challenges knows how hopeless life can sometimes seem.

Jesus changes that.  He brought hope into the world.  A speck of hope is all that is necessary for someone to continue to hold on to life—even with all of its woes and trials.  Jesus also comforts those who grieve the loss of a loved one and wonder how and where they will find strength to go on.  Jesus is the answer.  Suicide may have touched your life in one way or another.  Let Jesus touch you so that He can lead you in steps beyond what has been painful.  May He fill You with His love and His hope.

Lord Jesus, You know it is excruciating for those who survive the deaths of family and friends due to suicide.  Jesus, You are the answer to all the challenges we face in life.  Jesus, soften spirits and strengthen wills for those who suffer in grief.  Lord Jesus, be present to those who think they are without hope or purpose in life.  Everyone faces valley seasons.  May Your Spirit of Life keep people holding on to You and to Your promises.  In Thee, Lord Christ, Amen.