Goodbyes are to be expected in life. They will come. Sometimes they are planned. Other times they are not. When there is ample time for preparation, a goodbye may be emotional yet not overwhelming. When a goodbye is abrupt, it can be devastating. Life can seem hopeless.

Seem is the key word.

When one lets Jesus into a goodbye, hope has presence. Life may not feel as though hope still abides; only the power and presence of Jesus allows for continued hope. Do not wait for feelings to be in balance. Feelings ebb and flow like the tides when goodbyes come into our lives. Jesus overrides feelings so that the certainty of His presence is all that is required to keep taking steps of hope.

Lord Jesus, You are our very present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46). Thank You, Lord, for being our hope when goodbyes come. Thank You for being our strength in our time of weakness. Oh, how we love You, Lord Jesus, Amen.