Did you ever want the opportunity to relive a moment? Specifically, a regrettable moment? Each of us can recall times in our lives when we said or did something we regret and as a result how a moment was recorded in our memory. That memory can haunt and rob peace, motivation, and joy. Thoughts of Jesus change that.

In order to know relief from regret, one must give that moment, that matter, over to the Lord Jesus. He wants to make it better. He wants to restore peace. This is done by a deliberate surrender of a matter, a memory. This can be difficult to do because holding on to regret can be its own form of comfort and punishment. Comfort because of connection to someone/something meaningful even if it produced a negative outcome; punishment because the guilt and shame associated with regret can seem deserving. Jesus Christ does not want you to live with guilt or shame. Not for one moment. At Calvary, Jesus took all that away from you and from me. Complete surrender to Jesus means that times of regret are in His hands—His nail-scarred hands. He will blanket you and your memory with peace if you give to Him the memory. This is what Calvary was for—your peace and your future.

Lord Jesus, You have the power to cloak memories with Thy grace so they do not overpower hearts and minds. Thank You, Lord, for taking what we give to you that we regret. Help us by Thy touch to relinquish memories into Thy loving care. In Thee, Amen.