When the prodigal son returned home, it was after a stint of wayward living, squandering resources, and living against the truths his father taught him. He expected to be relegated to clean the pig pen. Instead, his father noticed him from far off and ran to greet him. He was so thrilled that his son had come home. All was forgiven. A fine robe and ring were placed on him and the father called for a great banquet to be prepared in his honor. Quite a homecoming. Quite an acceptance, one this son knew he did not deserve.

God forgives that way. Fully. Intentionally. Lovingly. He forgives through His Son, Jesus Christ, the only One endowed with the holiness to forgive and cleanse sin—completely and forever. Whatever you are experiencing today that is painful due to sin, it is time for a trade. Trade your pain and shame for yesterday’s disappointments and give them to Jesus. In exchange, He will give to you a new heart and a new hope. That is what a loving Father does. This is what God wants to do for every one of his sons and daughters on earth.

Lord Jesus, You gave yourself fully on the cross so that Your shed blood would cover the sins of all persons for all time. Lord, we have no way of being covered by sin except for Your blood. Thank you, Jesus, for all you did at Calvary, and for all You continue to do by Your Spirit so persons will come to believe in You and receive Your gift of cleansing. Father God, thank You for making a way for all people to be accepted by You—no matter what. In Christ’s Name, Amen.