Remembering days gone by can be welcome or not welcome. Depending upon certain memories of people, places, and experiences, mental visits to times gone by are an emotional balm or an emotional challenge. God knows this. He knows all the thoughts and memories housed in your heart and in mine. He was with us when every memory was created. He will be with us when we opt to recall those memories—and resist them.

Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:10) assures us that He is the One who is defining our walk of faith. He is the One who is present throughout each creation of a memory, and is the One who can redeem it if need be. A good memory speaks for itself. A difficult memory requires the holiness of Jesus to make a memory refined by His grace. Only Jesus can do this. Only Jesus has the capacity of love to do this. Give Jesus your memories.

Lord, for those who call You Saviour and Lord, You grant the precious covering of Your Spirit that stores memories in accordance with Your value of us. Out of sheer love, You link yesterdays with today and tomorrow to make them spiritually profitable. Lord Jesus, You make all life worthwhile and promising, and for this praise and thanksgiving belong to You, Amen.