Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.  Hebrews 12:2

When a day is stretched out before you, brand new like an undisturbed canvas, God’s grace provides the opportunity for it to be filled somehow. The day may be used for worship and witness. Hours may be filled with work and enterprise. They may be used to engage in study and learning. Time may be spent on recreation and frolic. Somehow, the empty canvas will record life’s hours. However days are spent, personal choices dictate the results.

Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. Surely, the Author and Finisher of our faith is at our side daily and through our nights of sleep to give of His presence and share in the daily choices and engagements of the day. He is the One who writes truth on our hearts and He is the One who guides us to the finishing line of life. If one believes in Jesus as personal Lord and Saviour, then one can be certain to be in that glad place of completion when days are no more.

If believers are mindful that Jesus is with us on our pilgrimage of faith, then we can be certain that even when life is bleak and days seems hollow, His very presence hallows time. Emotions do not dictate outcome, though it seems that way. Weary spirits are carried along by Jesus Christ. He is still the Author and Finisher of our faith when personal strength fails and sorrow overtakes. Nothing overtakes Jesus. He overcame everything at Calvary that would seek to overtake human continuance. He made a stand on the Cross that would withstand all the elements of emotional pain as well as Satan’s destructive tactics. Jesus did it. Not because of anything you or I do, can we forebear the sorrows of this life. Because of everything Jesus did—and does by His presence with us—sorrows are carried by Him, and His strength sees us through.

If you are suffering through a time of sorrow right now, let Jesus walk with you. Do not think you need to feel better or stronger in order to be ready for Jesus’ presence. When you are weak, His strength is most needed, and how He wants to avail it to you. If you know someone who suffers now and their pain is your pain, see the Jesus in you, dear reader, for compassion is from Christ. Whatever places you in a season of need for yourself or someone else, do not take one more step without knowing Jesus is there and He wants to walk with you through it.

Ask Him. Ask Jesus to be beside you. In a heartbeat, He is there. If you let Jesus accompany you through life’s present sorrows, this Author and Finisher of your faith will take the pains of your life and sculpt it into something worthy. It does not look like it now. Clay never looks like it could be beautified. Oh, but in the Hands of the Lord, clay gains integrity, value, and purpose. Let Jesus author your days and finish them well, as only Jesus can. He will refine sorrow and define you anew. Indeed there shall be joy and purpose ahead. He promised.

Lord Jesus, how assuring it is to know that whatever meets us in life, we do not meet it without you. You will walk with us through life’s sorrows. You will make meaning out of life’s sorrows. Redeemer that You are, You redeem everything in a believer’s life to make all experience a complete and sanctified life in You. Thank You, Jesus, for Your strengthening presence and Your loyal promises to which we hold. You are the Author and Finisher of our faith. You are why and how life has worth. You are life. Your are all, Amen.