When fireworks light up the sky on a summer night, their glow is expansive against a black night sky. Were fireworks to meet the sky in daylight, the sparkle would be lost. The brilliance could not be seen. Often that is the way with the brilliance of Christ’s light; it often is best seen in dark times.

Seasons of grief, melancholy, loneliness, and emptiness, are times when the brilliance of Christ is more evident than in times when we do not think we need Him. We always need Jesus. But when our hearts sink due to life’s sorrows and challenges, it is Jesus who holds us up. It is Jesus who shines through our tears and beyond them. Jesus keeps hope alive, even when hope is not seen or felt. Jesus is the brilliance we need. Trusting His presence when we cannot see or feel it is faith. Trust that faith—today.

Lord Jesus, You know what it is for believers to go through dark seasons. These times seem pointless and endless. You know it hurts. But You, Jesus, are hope. You are the One to carry us through. Jesus, thank You for Your strength and Your promise to be with us always. Thank you for being our hope. Amen