Endings come in different ways in our lives . Some conclusions are planned and, therefore, there is emotional preparation for them. Other endings are abrupt and as a result emotions are challenging. Changes expected or unexpected mean that life must be adjusted to anew. Often when conclusions are unwanted, it can be difficult to face adjustments. Jesus helps us.

Jesus knows our limitations. He knows our strengths and weaknesses, and what each person needs to carry on. While each of us requires something different from Jesus to carry on in life and face transitions, Jesus possesses everything necessary to meet these needs—whatever they are. Even one feeling very weak can simply call out “Jesus” and He will help. Jesus loves you more than anyone ever can and ever will. He wants to be with you in your hour of need and in your season of transition. Let Him be with you. Let Him walk with you. He has the strength and the compassion to see you through.

Lord Jesus, You promised to be with Your people no matter what life brings. You always keep Your promises. Help those who are particularly needful of Your strength to feel Your support and come to trust Your promises more deeply. In Thee, our Saviour, Amen.