Wisdom is a treasure. It imparts counsel and insight that help one to make decisions that are profitable for oneself and for others as well. While wisdom is valuable, it can seem as though grief has nothing to offer that adds to wisdom. On the contrary. Losses in life increase one’s measure of wisdom beyond expectations, and beyond time.

Grief often seems as though it will go on forever. It will not. It does wane. As it does, it allows a person an opportunity to look at a loss and an experience of grief from a perspective that reveals new wisdom. When that is gained, there is a marvelous opportunity to share that wisdom with others. God speaks frequently about wisdom in His Word. Because losses in life are real and will shape our lives, we are certain that the loving Lord will give us something of benefit from times of sorrow; times that He does turn to joy—if we let Him.

Lord, because of Your love for people, You make the difference between grief being an empty experience and one that eventually fills us with something new and meaningful. Lord God, may we be sensitive to Your love for us so that each one who grieves can trust Your heart to place in ours a new measure of wisdom from a season of grief. In Jesus Name, Amen.