Making a home is an individual act. As children, homes are made for a child. Later as young adults and adults, opportunities are presented to begin to create home. Whether one is a married or single, creating home becomes part of one’s life and part of one’s need for a place and space that is a personal haven for strength and memory making.

The Lord dwells inside of every believer who calls on Him as Lord. Jesus Himself creates stability, warmth, and purpose to make a shelter. Even if a home as a child or as an adult is not a place of peace or hope, Jesus has the power—He has the love—to override what has been to make home what you and He would have it to be. His supernatural shield is around His own, and because of that, whatever home is, one can be certain they are sheltered in Christ Himself

Lord Jesus, You know that people desire to have a place of peace and comfort for restoration, safety, and joy. We thank You for Your very presence with every believer to create places of hope and calm because of Your strong and loving presence in the heart. Lord, You make home what it is by Your love. May Your love fill the heart. In Thee, Lord Christ, Amen.