Jesus the Almighty came to the world
Innocent and poor, the royal infant.
His distinction and purpose in the manger,
Were still quite unclear and distant.

Raised by Joseph and Mary with love,
As a carpenter’s son, Jesus worked with wood.
Later He would hang on a cross of the same
So that no sinner ever would.

Jesus moved about Israel ministering to all
Praying and fulfilling miracles to astound.
Turning water to wine, making lepers’ skin shine,
From a lad’s lunch did food for five thousand abound.

Jesus the Passover Lamb died a tragic death
Three days later His resurrection was complete.
Life’s tears and transitions are hard to bear
But Jesus’ promises and hope these cannot deplete.

Whosoever will receive Jesus’ salvation
Is forgiven and in them Holy Spirit resides.
Now one is safe from Hell and equipped
To guard against Satan’s strategies and lies.

Satan moves about the earth so wide
Seeking to kill, steal, and destroy.
Jesus protects from the adversary’s lure,
And steadily sends His angelic convoy.

Jesus holds the keys to death and Hades,
He is the Advocate for those who believe.
Only Jesus the Saviour prevents the second death
The highest of heights one can hope to achieve.

Jesus promises to return one day
To gather those who accept Calvary’s price.
The blood of atonement shed for all sin
By Jesus—the Worthy Sacrifice.

Beloved Lord Jesus, You poured Yourself out in love on the Cross for our sins. May Your heart be filled and encouraged as many and more accept Your sacrifice of love, and pledge their love and fidelity to You, Israel’s Passover Lamb. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.