Open up.  Open up your heart–today–to the mystery of Jesus.  How is such an act possible you may wonder as you go through grief and loss.  We are never closer to the opportunity to know Jesus in a deeper way than when we have suffered a loss of significance.  We are broken.  Therefore, His Spirit is able to come in through the breaks in our heart to soften us and strengthen us.  We open up to Him with our tears, tears of repentence and/or tears of forgiveness.  We open up to Him with untold insights from Scriptures that provoke our spirits as they are often more pliable in times of grief.

When we are open to God through Christ, we are open to the Holy Spirit.  He moves in us and through us in order for us to gain faith.  It does not seem logical that pain and loss could produce faith.  Loss does.  It is one of the mysteries of God.  One of the unfathomable yet trustworthy mysteries that makes God, God.

Lord, Thank You for the mysterious One You are who loves us and knows us as no other being loves us and knows us.  Thank You, Lord, for the gentle and secure manner in which You handle our hearts during times of sorrow.  Help us to trust Your care of us, and in the process believe that deeper faith shall come in Your perfect time and way.  In Jesus, our Redeemer, Amen.