Scripture tells us that in ancient times when the Lord Jesus Christ was born, three wise kings followed a star to Bethlehem, the place of Jesus’ birth.  Melchior of Arabia, Gaspar of Tharsis, and Balthazar of Saba traveled with a goal to reach the King of kings and deliver gifts to Him.  Melchior brought gold, Gaspar brought frankincense, and Balthazar brought myrrh.  These are telling for they are symbolic of who Jesus is.  Gold signifies Jesus as treasure, frankincense signifies His holiness, and myrrh represents the sorrow of His life and anointing for His burial after His crucifixion on Calvary.

Jesus is alive within each person who believes in Him as Saviour.  Therefore, His presence and influence are active within.  His power can and does transform those who call upon Him as their own.  Believers are assured Jesus resides in a believer’s body, mind, and spirit.  Because His character dwells within, His followers are treasures, are holy, and will know sorrow.  All this is part of being a Christian, a Christ-follower.  Believers in Jesus never reach His height of perfection or His depth of love and sacrifice for His beloved.  However, His traits act within His own to alter humanity as only Divinity can.

The three kings were wise to follow the Star (I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star Revelation 22:16). They knew He was the august King whose greatness ruled all.  The witness of the three kings continues to minister in this age as people look for Jesus, follow Him, and receive His gift of salvation and healing.  No other king can offer this for Jesus alone is Kings of kings and Lord of lords.  Herald Thy Name forevermore.

The majestic Truth that Jesus is and proclaims, encourages seekers, new believers, and seasoned followers.  Jesus wants people to find Him and receive the gifts He gives.  Seek Jesus while there is still time.  The time is short.  Keep following the Star.


Chris Ann Waters is an author, speaker, and bereavement specialist who focuses her creativity on loss and transition. Chris Ann earned a Bachelor of Arts from Montclair State University in New Jersey, is certified by CLASS (Christian Leaders, Authors and Speakers Services), and has completed advanced study in Thanatology (the study of death and dying) at the National Center for Death Education in Boston, MA.

She is a nationally certified advanced bereavement facilitator through the American Academy of Bereavement, and served as a Hospice volunteer for many years helping terminally ill patients and their families cope with death and grief.  A gifted speaker and writer, Chris Ann offers insights about loss and suffering via her books Walking Toward Easter: A Lenten Devotional, Seasons of Goodbye: Working Your Way Through Loss, which was also translated into Spanish, and as a contributing author to My Turn to Care: Encouragement For Caregivers of Aging Parents.

In 1998, Chris Ann received the New Jersey Governor’s Volunteer Award for Benefiting Youth for her work at Camp Lost and Found, a bereavement camp to help children cope with grief.