Time takes on a different meaning when we grieve.  Days flow but can seem endless.  Weeks lose their structure.  Time seems of little value.  It is an odd realm in which we live bearing an emotional burden seemingly unending.  Jesus understands our grief.  Jesus understands when life losses its meaning to us after we have suffered a serious loss.  Yes, Jesus understands.  Completely.

Jesus is the great Burden-bearer.  He carries our heartaches and He carries us through the pains of life and through seasons of grief.  Note that word through seasons of grief.  Grief does indeed ebb.  It will take time.  But it is something we go through but we do not stay there.    Eventually hope returns.  During times of grief hope seems impossible for to know and trust.  But that is what Jesus does.  He is there for us to trust Him, no matter what.  He is there for us to lean on His strength and see us through the tunnel of darkness to a dawn of new light and new hope.  In our grief we do have a partner.  Jesus is the One who, as the Bible states, sticks closer than a brother.  In our sorrow, we have Jesus.  When we give to Him our tears and our griefs He heals them with His love and His abiding presence.

Lord Jesus, Your resurrection proves to us that hope still lives.  Loving Christ, thank You for staying inside of us to breathe life in us even when we feel as though we cannot do so for ourselves.  Thank You, Jesus, for assuring us that a personal dawn is ahead for each one who grieves so that the heart is lighter and the future is brighter.  This is only possible, Jesus, because of You and Your immense and proven love for us.  In Thee our abiding Risen Christ, Amen.