Seasons of Goodbye: Working Your Way Through Loss
by Chris Ann Waters

$14.00 (includes postage and handling)

This book is helpful for those experiencing grief due to a loss of any kind.  The chapters are divided into the seasons of the year to explain losses and grief and the odd array of emotions that grief incites.  At the end of each seasonal chapter there are journaling exercises to help persons express their grief.  Participation in exercises is optional; the chapters alone are supportive and informative.

Walking Toward Easter: A Lenten Devotional
by Chris Ann Waters

$10.00 (includes postage and handling)

Walking Toward Easter is a slim and insightful book that offers a daily devotion for the solemn season of Lent.  It invites readers to remember the walk of Jesus toward Holy Week and to be reminded that the Christ of then is the Christ of today who walks with all readers.

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