In the throes of grief, each day can feel like an overwhelming beginning.  Lackluster in hope and indifferent toward outcome, a griever approaches a new week trudging through it rather than walking through it with attention and intention.  Be encouraged: Jesus sets the pace with His attention and intentions.  He leads. Always.

Grievers in Christ can live to expect that the Lord will carry the day, carry the week.  He always does.  Grief makes one reliant on other strength; blessedly  Jesus’ love and strength are available 24/7.  Trust that.  You need not feel it to trust it.  Meet this day and each day of the week confident that the Lord is already there.  Go through this week with Him.  Because of Jesus, you may even find yourself able to glimpse His view to gain hope and a perspective not seen before; a perspective grief cannot diminish.

Lord, with You all things are possible.  Grief can take us to places we do not want to go and stirs feelings unwanted.  But Your desire, Lord, is to stay with us throughout every season of life, especially the sad ones.  Help us to take the steps we must and to rest as required.  Thank You for always being at our side.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.