The presence of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life must not be underestimated.  The Spirit moves in its own way and timing; in ways humans are unable to see or discern.  This is true in every facet of a Christian’s life, which includes seasons of grief.

When endings come and certain challenges follow, it may seem as though the Spirit of Holiness is gone.  He is not.  He is present to guide, comfort, counsel, and help—just as before. However, grief numbs everything.  It is difficult to feel anything worthwhile.  But the Holy Spirit lives and moves beyond human limits, and links by love that which has purpose and meaning—even in goodbyes.

Lord of Reason, Your purposes are exact.  Come, Holy Spirit, to be with those who are in grief.  Comfort and reside in these needful hearts.  And by Thy might, grant a comfortable assurance that You are near, and that each is being carried by Your love in this season of goodbye to a time of purpose. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.