Discoveries.  We often make the most insightful discoveries about ourselves when our spirits are sorrowful.  While clarity may not come until a season of challenge has passed, the Holy Spirit has a way of bringing to our remembrance that which is most useful from that particular season. Whatever sorrows are endured, they have the potential to embellish personal character even though the means to them can seem overwhelming in the process.

God’s ways are not our ways.  Still God’s ways of love, kindness, and grace serve His children so each can become refined into the personal designs as He created.  Jesus’ death on the cross did not look like a way of great victory nor could it be seen as a triumphant act of love.  However, it was.  Love poured out of that ugly human ending.  That same love lives and acts today to accompany your spirit and mine in times of sadness and transitions.  He extends the peace that surpasses all understanding.  This is the way of our utterly loving and refining God.  May His love and peace fill your spirit.

Father of Purpose, Your heart knows how difficult it is for Your children  to live through loss and sadness.  You knew this would be so You sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Thank You, Father.  May Your own  receive a touch of renewal today to carry on.   May Your love envelop those in need of its shelter and its assurance. You have made it such that Your people are never alone.  Thank You for Your powerful and precious presence.
In Christ, Amen.