How much?  How much do you think it will cost you to keep following the Star, Jesus Christ?  We may not often ask that question of ourselves yet life’s circumstances are such that at times we are challenged to go to the core of that answer.  Disappointment, illness, job loss, death, schism in relationships, and cultural pulls toward sin are among the realities that Christians face in this life as they seek hour by hour to keep following the Star. 

The degree to which you will follow Jesus is measured by how much you trust His answer to that question.  Jesus made it clear on the cross at Calvary that He is willing to go all the way for those He loves.  Isaiah informs us For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross.  He endured.  There was something ahead worth holding on for.  There was something more important than Himself: You.

Hold on.  Keep following the Star, Jesus.  He is with you.  Whatever hurts today, this week, this moment, know that you do not feel it or face it alone.  Jesus is with you.  Trust His presence even when you cannot feel it.  Look at the cross; it is the only reminder you will ever need to awaken your hope that He will go all the way with you and for you.

Jesus, You did it all.  You held on.  You suffered.  You died.  You rose.  Why?  For love.  Lord Jesus, may the one who is reading this be assured by Spirit-power that You are with them and that they can indeed carry on for You carry them.  In thee, our Saviour, Amen.