Time.  We get only so much of it.  The Lord God does not inform us as to how much each person shall receive.  Therefore, each day is a surprise; a gift of time.  A portion of grace to spend as we desire.  A segment of grace to invest.

Portions of grace can be filled with joy and fulfillment.  Portions can be sad.  What the days bring are anticipated and unpredictable.  Therefore, when we face the times that are less than we hope, we are wise to remember that we do not face them alone.  We face them with Jesus Christ.

A new measurement of grace is before us as we enter the 2011th Year of the Lord.  What you will know in it, and what I will know in it, are uncertain.  God, however, knows and sees it all.  It is the better part of human wisdom to keep our gaze focused on Jesus so that we follow His leadership throughout the unfolding of our respective portions of grace.

Lord of Time, Thank You for all the grace that You granted last year.  Thank You for all the grace You shall grant to us in Your next gift of time.   Lord, may You give to us wisdom for the use of all that You give.   In Christ, Amen.