Love.  That word conjures a myriad of meaning and emotion.  It is a warm word yet filled with indescribable experiences and reaches that only living out the word with someone else can reveal.  When we say I love you to someone, we accept the unknown.  Whether that relationship is with a special man, woman, parent, child, friend, new friend, it means there will be a host of variables, memories, decisions, anxieties, and uncharted paths that will be lived through in the interest of love for that other person.

This week we will see the commercial side of love, which does have its merit as flowers, candy, and cards are offered as token expressions of love for Valentine’s Day.  But Valentine hearts cannot mirror what lies in the heart of one who truly loves another.  Expressions are best offered in moments of silence, through illness, in mourning, in joyous memories, in the hope of reunions to come.  Love is something Jesus proved on Calvary.  Sometimes love hurts and is sacrificial if it is love at all.  May you and those you love exchange something meaningful this week; something that blesses each of you and brings glory to God.  Remember, Jesus loves you.

Lord Jesus, Your love is the gift of a lifetime.  Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all You have done and all You continue to teach us through Your Word and Your ways about what true love really means, and what true love really costs.  In Thee, Amen.