Showing up when you do not feel as though you have a strong spirit to offer is evidence of Christ alive inside of you.  Each of us experiences times of weakness, emptiness, and mourning.  Life hurts at times.  When it does, vibrancy plummets and we feel low.  This is normal.  It is a perfect time for the Lord to show His faithfulness.

Jesus promised to be with us always.  Always.  That means in times of distress as well as times of joy and ease.  He is not going anywhere.  Once you have said yes to His gift of Salvation, His presence is with you forever.  No matter what.  Trust His love and nearness to carry you—even if you do not feel it.  He is The Great God.  He can do anything.  Today He wants to love you as only He can.  Let Him.

Jesus, You promised.  We trust that promise today no matter what we feel.  You are our anchor.  You are the love on which we depend.  Give to those who are especially weak this day of a touch of You so they are warmed and encouraged by the nearness of You.  In Thee, Amen.