To follow Jesus is to remember that He is before you.  Every step, every day.  A Christian follows Christ, His Word, and His ways.  Faith assures a follower that you are not alone—ever—as you follow Jesus.  He is with you.  He knows the way, even if you do not.  Trust Him.

Life in this world holds seasons of uncertainty and unusual steps.  Disappointment, confusion, sorrow, and doubt will be part of human steps.  But the Christ of yesterday, today, and tomorrow is with you.  When you say Yes to Jesus, remember that He is leading your way.  You never walk alone.

Lord Jesus, You know that at times to follow You is done with heavy hearts and feet.  Help Your followers to hold to You when life is challenging, dark, and uncertain.  By faith, may all steps continue to be taken with you.  In Thee, Amen.