Beloved people.  We know them.  We cherish them.  Maybe they are here with us.  Perhaps they are beyond life in this world.  Yet, their memory lingers.  Whether we have known beloved persons for a brief or long duration, the memories we make together linger on, too.  These memories define us; they continue to make us who we are.

When you ponder the person/s in your life who are beloved, ponder Jesus.  Only Jesus in the center of a relationship can retain the beauty and bounty of a relationship.  Only Jesus has the power to keep breathing life into relationships that are physically known or spiritually thriving.  Jesus—The Beloved.  Because of Him, we can hold dear the persons who become beloved.  All because of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, You are before all things and in You all things hold together (Col. 1:17).  Thank You, Beloved Saviour and Friend, for all we share with You, and that because of You in the center of life, all other meaningful connections are supported and lasting.  In Thee, Amen.