Recognizing an ending is one thing.  Accepting it is another.  When we have miles to walk between a loss and integrating it into our lives, it is a challenge.  Grief takes us to places we never thought we would find ourselves; unusual places in emotion, location, and wonder.  Grief is a map of sorts but the problem is we often do not know where we are going until after a season of grief is lived out.
Grief does pass.  We do journey to a different place and time.  Life does take on new meaning and hope does come.  Jesus is all about hope and new beginnings.  He is all about life.  Because of the comfort of Jesus, we have the strength to carry on and the reason–God wants us to.  For now, that is enough.  It is all that is needed.  So even when days are challenging due to loss, know that belief in Jesus alone makes the day one of purpose and one of hope.
Lord Jesus, Your steady presence helps us in times of grief, lonliness, and wonder.  Help us to remember that You are always there, and that You will always be our sustaining strength to bring us to days of lightness and peace.  In Thee, Amen.