Nestled in the activities of the Christmas season is hope.  A hope for which humanity longs.  Jesus is the hope.  Christmas serves as the annual reminder of the powerful penetration of the Divine into the world. He still breaks through to bring great blessings and hope–beyond feelings.  He still provokes wonder that man cannot match; wonder that Satan cannot stifle.

If grief is part of your spirit this Christmas season, trust that Jesus is with you in your grief.  He came as a baby in the manger but He is the great strength of our lives–if we will let Him be.  Let Him be.  Let the Jesus of Bethlehem be to you a warm and tender companion to walk with you this Christmas and throughout all the days of your life.  No one will love you more than Jesus.  Trust His love.

Loving Jesus, You came. You lived. You died. You rose.  You pray.  You watch.  Indeed You are, Lord Jesus, the abiding love.